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At Tally-ho Pups, I help dogs and their owners make the most of their relationship. Every dog is individual and has different needs, so I work with you and your pet to provide tailor-made guidance that produces long-lasting results. Whether you have a new dog or already own a pup with behavioral challenges, I am here to support you.

Dog Outdoors

British Canine Behaviourist & Founder of Tally-ho Pups

I founded Tally-ho Pups in 2019, whilst living in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. Originally, I only provided a dog walking service. However, I quickly gained a positive reputation for successfully walking some of the more "challenging" dogs. I loved working with them to help improve their behaviour and their confidence! After achieving my first dog training qualification, I started offering private training sessions to my clients and continued my education by enrolling in the British College of Canine Studies, where I obtained my Level 4 PETbc Accredited Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma. I am a firm believer that continuously learning and researching canine behaviour and learning techniques is essential to providing my clients and their dogs with the best experiences. For this reason, I undertake continuous professional development (CPD) frequently and am an active gold level member in the Pet Professional Network. 

I specialise in working with reactive dogs and it brings me great joy to help these individuals and their owners with behavioural issues. My training, using only positive reinforcement and fear-free techniques, is life changing for both the dogs and their owners. I was truly honoured to receive the award for "Best Dog Training Services Provider for Cambridgeshire 2023" in the Pet Products and Services Awards for my work. What a fantastic way to end my time in the UK before moving to Rapid City, South Dakota! 

Shortly after moving to Rapid City, I was approved as an American Kennel Club Evaluator and can now offer AKC titles for you to achieve with your dog. 

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