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Puppy Training

Puppies are incredibly rewarding, but can certainly be hard work! This program covers the following:

- Interpreting canine body language

- Sit and Lie Down

- Drop and Leave

- Stay or Wait

- Recall

- Loose-lead walking 

- Respecting door boundaries


I will also advise you on how to manage common unwanted behaviours such as jumping up, counter surfing, toileting inappropriately, and biting/mouthing. 


You will receive a written summary with supporting information and resources of everything we cover in each session. 

How to book: 

Stage one -The process starts with free no obligation phone call to discuss your new puppy and their training requirements. 


Stage two - The program begins! You receive 5 x 45 minute private sessions, additional sessions can be added if necessary. 


This program is designed to be implemented within a two-month timeframe.

Program breakdown:

  • Private, one-to-one mentoring

  • Five 45-minute sessions

  • Written session summaries with additional resources

  • Ongoing support and advice 

  • Access to my exclusive Facebook support group 


Price : £150


A minimum of a £75 payment is required to secure your booking, with the remaining balance to be paid prior to the first session. An alternative payment plan is available upon request. 

"Highly recommend Abi's puppy training package, it helped my puppy Marlene with lead training, recall and general interaction. It makes having a puppy even more enjoyable, I can't recommend Abi's services enough." 

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