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Loose Lead Walking

A 1-hour group workshop covering the fundamentals of loose lead walking and leash manners using positive, force free techniques.





        Recall Workshop

A 1-hour workshop covering the foundations of reliable recall within a group environment.




"This workshop was a really valuable use of time. Through a gradual build up of behavioural exercises Abi assisted us all to have calm and attentive loose lead walking with our dogs. Her teaching included tips around safety, including how to hold the lead appropriately and how best to offer treats to your dog without any finger damage due to enthusiastic acceptance! Abi gave clear explanations around how to respond when your dog starts to pull including the importance of not rewarding the pulling action. There were four dogs with their owners and Abi gave each of us her individual attention and feedback. She supervised us walking past each other showing us how to avoid dogs pulling towards other dogs. I highly recommend the workshop to anyone looking to revise good loose lead walking with their dogs."

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