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"Billie had poor recall and general over exuberance and inconsistent obedience. Specifically she would not jump into the car and had poor etiquette at doors. She has responded really well to the way in which Abbie teaches and her recall is much better after a lot of proximity training.  The training experience with Abbie has been informative and enjoyable for both me and my dog. Abbie has a lovely way with both of us. She is kind and gentle but also firm and fair and has helped me to be firmer too. Abbie is excellent value for money and her knowledge is clear to see – I have enjoyed learning from her about how to be a responsible dog owner. She is very supportive of the things I have asked for help with. 

I cannot recommend Abbie highly enough. Her style suits my learning needs and those of my dog (this has not been my experience with other trainers). I really like that we discuss homework to do prior to the next session at the end of each training period. It is motivating and we enjoy sharing our progress (or ongoing problems) at the next session."


"Our pup was very impulsive and high strung. She would jump, not walk well on a lead, not come when called, and was like a ball of chaos. Since starting lessons with Tally-ho Pups, our pup is great on a lead, comes when called and we are almost there when it comes to her jumping. She listens when we take her out and now ALL of us can enjoy a walk about town/markets/inside shops.

I have owned dogs before and been through obedience training with trainers that use fear as motivation. Tally-ho Pups has not only taught our pup, but our family that there is another, more encouraging, positive, and loving way to get lasting results. I have learned not just about obedience training, but how to read cues from dog behaviour, health and grooming tips. I absolutely LOVE Tally-ho Pups and am over the moon with the services provided. Abbie is knowledgeable, experienced, and her love for dogs shines through her work."


"Kayla was a very reactive pup when out on walks and couldn't resist giving us an extra pull while out walking. A big thank you to Abbie for coming to our rescue and helping us put some training strategies in place. Kayla can now walk past other dogs without wanting to jump at them, sometimes not even paying any attention to them.

Kayla loves the monthly 'Woofer Walks' and is able to have a good run about and socialise with other dogs."


"Highly recommend Abbie’s puppy training package, it helped my puppy Marlene with lead training, recall and general interaction. It makes having a puppy even more enjoyable, I can’t recommend Abbie’s services enough."


"My training experience with Tally-ho Pups has been outstanding. Bear's reactivity towards other dogs was making it very difficult to enjoy our walks as he would react so strongly. Bear didn't have much impulse control, pulled like a train and had absolutely no recall, all of these areas are now hugely improved and continue to get better as we implement Abbie's training methods. Abbie's support and guidance has completely transformed our walking, we now look forward to meeting other dogs and Bear even gets excited to play. Abbie's knowledge and explanation of concepts she teaches has helped me greatly. I really appreciate the time Abbie has taken to get to know Bear, the sessions are fun and I'll miss them once Bear has got through his issues! It really feels like Abbie cares, and it shows in the training."


We have had an amazing experience with Tally -ho Pups! Abbie is super patient and you can see that she loves her job, she is very knowledgeable and experienced . She helped to train our almost 2 year old husky, he is happy to stay in his crate , he is learning how to walk on loose leash and starting to understand what boundaries are. We loved Abbie’s positive approach towards him, making sure that all new experiences are stress free!! She could connect with the dog like nobody else! Yoda loves his “ treat lady”. Highly Recommended !"


"Nell would react to every dog we encountered whilst on a walk by aggressively biting her lead. The level of stress would increase the more dogs we passed so sometimes walks became almost impossible. There are still some occasions when she bites the lead, but this is becoming less frequent, we are now able to allow Nell to approach other dogs, something before we couldn’t have envisaged happening. We are so pleased with how Nell has changed in such a short space of time. There is nothing to fault with how the sessions went, Abbie was clear, concise, and understanding, providing us both with the tools to be able to achieve the results we have seen, and this has given us the confidence and knowledge which we can use on every walk." 


"Abbie has helped me train Ki from a young puppy. She explains everything so clearly and why dogs respond the way they do. She really understands dog behaviour. Ki absolutely adores Abbie and always wants to show her how well he is doing. I would definitely recommend Abbie to help train your dog, how to have fun with your dog and help with behaviour problems." 


"I can’t begin to praise Abbie enough! She has helped me and my dog to enjoy going for walks. Her support is priceless! The biggest problem was/ is with myself as after a bad experience with 2 fighting dogs, I had no confidence going for walks and was very tense and anxious which transferred to my dog. With Abbie’s help and understanding, I no longer go into panic mode when we meet other dogs. She explained about body language and with reassurance, constant support and taking me to places where other dogs would be, I’m a lot more relaxed and so is Skye! I know I can call her any time if I have a meltdown and just knowing that is mostly enough. No problems are silly so if anyone is having difficulties, give Tally-ho pups a call- you won’t regret it!"


"Abbie was fantastic in our consultation and was able to help us diagnose what the issue with our boy Manny was and how to support him get used to a crawling baby! I left the conversation feeling confident and reassured and informed with what to do next. I would recommend Tally-Ho Pups and would always consider Abbie as my first port-of-call in future’

"As a first-time dog owner, I was a little nervous about what I had gotten myself into and was really keen to get puppy training for my Cocker Spaniel Clover. I'm so glad we found Abbie. Abbie's puppy sessions are on a 1:1 basis, which enables her to concentrate on you and your puppy, and what you are experiencing. Abbie explains all of the training very clearly and will take you through everything step by step. She then gives you some space to try what you have learnt and will make small adjustments to make the training even more concrete and enjoyable for your dog. Abbie also has a support group in place, where you have lifetime guidance to ask questions about anything you may be experiencing and need support with. For example, as a mum to a little boy, I asked for any ideas of games he can play with Clover that would develop their relationship. Abbie couldn't have been more helpful. Clover has learnt so much in such a short period of time , I've also learnt a lot about canine body language, which helps me keep us safe whilst on our walks. I can't thank Abbie enough for all of her knowledge, help and support, and cannot recommend her enough!"

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"I took over Nelly, a very friendly 3 year old Great Dane whose owner could no longer afford to keep her. She had never been trained to walk on a lead or been introduced to the outside world. She saw all dogs as potential playmates and could not wait to get to them. Because of her size, it was almost impossible to hold on to her, she would break loose, dash off barking until she arrived at the target dogs, who would be treated to repetitive “Play Bows”. Humans would also get a very enthusiastic ‘Hello’. While she was over friendly and meant no harm, the experience could be very frightening to other people. Abbie took over and worked with my current dog walker as I am unable to walk her myself. Over a six-week period Abbie taught my walker how to keep Nelly calm and under control when she was being walked either on a lead or loose in safe areas. Abbie also gave me some very useful guidance on things that I could do at home. The result of Abbie and my dog walker working together can only be described as spectacular, I now have a very different dog. If you have any behaviour issues with your own dog, I would highly recommend that you contact Abbie immediately. I am absolutely amazed at the range of commands Nelly now understands and the fantastic change that has taken place. Abbie taught both me and my walker so much and as a result I now have a dog who can be safely walked in public, knowing that she is never going to behave in a manner that frightens anyone."

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