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Pre-Dog Ownership Consultation

Owning a dog is a privilege and a responsibility. They depend on us to provide their care and protect them from harm. If you are considering bringing a dog into your life, think carefully about the commitment that it entails. This dog ownership course guides you from the first thought of wanting a dog through all of the stages of ownership to ensure that your relationship with your new family member is a long and happy one. 

Unfortunately, there are significant numbers of dogs that are taken to shelters because they were purchased for their appearance rather than their lifestyle compatibility. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have to make a well-informed decision about a long term commitment. 

The main topics to discuss include, but are not limited to:

  • Your lifestyle

  • Breeds most compatible with your lifestyle

  • Puppy or rescue

  • Finding a reputable breeder or shelter

  • Dog-proofing your house

  • Identifying equipment needed

  • Product recommendations

  • Health advice to include poisonous foods, extreme weather preparation, etc.

  • Veterinary requirements such as vaccinations and flea/worm treatments, etc.

  • Dog law to include car safety, microchipping, ID tags, etc.

  • Introducing dogs to other pets/children


Upon completion of this consultation, you will be offered a £10 discount towards either my Puppy Training or Obedience programs.

Price: £75
Duration: 2 hours

Call 07590 806503 to book

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