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Hoopers is a wonderful activity for dogs and handlers that involves navigating smooth, flowing courses made up of hoops, tunnels, and barrels. This dog sport helps build confidence, teamwork, and your relationship with each other.  This is a low-impact activity, so all dog breeds can take part in the fun, from Chihuahuas to Wolfhounds! All obstacles are at ground level, meaning no need for jumping, making this sport suitable for puppies from 6 months to senior dogs  without worry of joint damage.

I qualified as a Canine Hoopers World Instructor in 2022 and offer both group classes and private sessions. I am currently the only CHW Instructor in South Dakota. 

If you are interested in attending the 'Introduction to Hoopers' Course, please e-mail: to express your interest. You will receive a response with the invoice and terms and conditions attached.


Please read all of the terms and conditions thoroughly, once payment has been received your place on the introductory course will be confirmed. 


A 5- week course, consisting of 1-hour sessions, that covers the fundamentals of Hoopers. This group class has a limited number of spaces, which allows for plenty of individual attention within the group environment. 

Next course starting:
Price: $100 per dog (+applicable tax)



Some dogs struggle to learn whilst in a group environment or you may just prefer individual attention, in which case a private session may be more appropriate for you. Private sessions are 30 minutes long as 1:1 lessons are more physically and mentally intensive than a group class. 


Scheduled by appointment only

Price: $30 (+applicable tax)

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