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Behavioural Modification

If you are facing issues or challenges with your dog that require additional support, a behaviour consultation might be right for you. Examples of troubling behaviours include reactivity, aggression/ anxiety towards visitors, separation anxiety, or resource guarding. 

Behaviour difficulties can stem from many reasons, so understanding the underlying cause is essential. Since medical problems can cause troubling behaviours, you should have a veterinary assessment completed prior to booking a behavioural consult, especially if this is a new behaviour that has recently developed. 

The Behaviour Modification Program: 

Stage one -The process starts with a free, no-obligation phone call to discuss your training requirements and determine if this service fits your needs. 


Stage two - The initial consultation: this usually lasts around 2 hours. During this time, we will discuss the issues you have been experiencing, your dog's history, and identify the reasons for this unwanted behaviour. We can then develop a bespoke training and behavioural plan that is tailored to you and your dog's needs. If your dog has anxiety about meeting new people, a virtual initial consultation is also an option.


Stage three - The follow up sessions:
Now that the plan has been drafted, it is time to start implementing our training regime. We start with four, 1-hour sessions. Additional sessions can then be added if necessary.  


This program is designed to be implemented within a two-month timeframe.

Program components:

  • Private, one-to-one mentoring

  • One 2-hour initial consultation

  • Four 1-hour follow up sessions

  • Written session summaries with accompanying  resources after each session

  • Ongoing support and advice 

  • Access to my exclusive Facebook support group 


Price : £250 


A minimum of a £125 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking, with the remaining balance to be paid prior to the first session. An alternative payment plan is available upon request. 

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